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General Information on Pennsylvania State Sales Tax

Virtually every type of business must obtain a State Sales Tax Number. If your business sells products on the internet, such as eBay, or through a storefront, and the item is shipped within the State of Pennsylvania, sales tax must be collected from the buyer and the sales tax must be paid on the collected tax to the State of Pennsylvania.

Depending on the type of business and the amount of revenue, the state sales tax collected must be paid either monthly or quarterly.

Items shipped within State of Pennsylvania are typically taxable. Items shipped out of the State of Pennsylvania are usually not subject to state sales tax, if annual revenues are less than four million dollars.


Purchases for Resale Regarding Pennsylvania State Sales Tax

You are able to purchase certain items without paying state sales tax. When you buy an item for resale, you purchase the item without paying Pennsylvania State Sales Tax. Items must be for resale or qualified business use. If you purchase an item from a wholesale organization, or even another retailer, and are reselling the item, in most situations, you will be exempt from paying Pennsylvania State Sales Tax in most instances.

Almost every wholesale company will require a sales tax number before selling an item or product for resale use. The same applies to opening most commercial resale accounts.

Wholesale trade shows and merchandise marts usually require a state sales tax identification number in order to allow your business to participate.


Pennsylvania State Sales Tax Number Online Application

For fastest processing, please have the following ready to complete the online application for a Pennsylvania State Sales Tax Number.
•Business Name, Address, & Phone Number
•Description of Business
•Responsible Party ( Usually Business Owner ) Information
•Payment Information


Pennsylvania Sales Tax Registration