State Sales Tax Rates

State Sales Tax Rates

Alabama – search by City or County name.  Additionally, under the search you can pull up City and County listings as well as a downloadable text file of all the rates.  Or, if you prefer, you can see all the tax rates in AL in this PDF file.

Alaska – local taxes.  Click on the excel file 1/4 way down the page.  Or click on this PDF file and go to page 13.

Arizona – lookup by County or City; AZ state collects for most of thier cities/counties.  There are 14 cities that have other rates not published on the AZ page because they separately collect their own sales taxes (a.k.a. “Non-Program” Cities).  A list of them and their contact info can be found here and it looks like this website is keeping up the rates sufficiently for these “non-program” cities.  A comprehensive listing of all city and counties in AZ with total tax rates given can be found in this PDF file. 

Arkansas – Address or Zip Code

California – List by City or County index; Statewide imposed rates are: 7.25% State, .75% Local City/County; .25% Local Transportation Fund:  Total 8.25%.  Locals can then add to this amount.

Colorado – Select a City or a County; PDF File of all Colorado Rates. 3rd party CO rate lookup (they do require that you sign up).

Florida – Local Discretionary rates for 2009.  For prior years, go here.  The discretionary rate is only on individual items up to a cost of $5,000.00.  This rate is also added to the FL State sales tax rate which is currently 6%.

Georgia – PDF Sales Tax Rate Chart

Hawaii – State excise tax is 4% and then there is county surcharge too in Oahu – .5%.  See details in this link.  (*Note:  HI charges tax on tax.)

Idaho – State rate is 6%, but this link will take you to the Resort Localities that also impose sale taxes within those jurisdictions.

Illinois – by Location Name; Click “start” to begin.

Iowa – Zip Code

Kansasby Address, by Zip Code, by Coordinates, Wellheads

Louisiana – State Rate 4% + Local Rates imposed individually:  From here you can click on the correct Parish (County) name and then it will bring up the applicable sales tax rates in the towns/cities located within that Parish.

Minnesota– Sales Tax Rate Calculator

Missouri – By Address

New York – by Address w/Zip Code

Nebraska – Address or Zip Code

Nevada– PDF sales tax map

New Mexico – PDF Tax Rate Schedule (1/1/09-6/30/09)

North Carolina– PDF by Locality; Other locality rate data.

North Dakota – This one is really obnoxious.  They expect you to click on their map and then get the rate based on where you clicked.  To ease the pain, click “find address” on the left and you can fill in information at the bottom of the screen (you’ll need a street address and zip code), click “locate” and then it should give you the option to “Display Tax Rate.”

Ohioby Addressby Zip Code, by Latitude/Longitude

Oklahomaby Address, by Zip Code, Group Lookups

Pennsylvania – (Information only) Philadelphia City has a 2% local rate as of 10/8/09 to total 8%.   Allegheny County has a 1% local rate to total 7%.  Otherwise all other addresses/zip-codes are 6%.

South Carolina – PDF Rates by Zip Code

South Dakotaby Address (see here for more instructions and the map option like North Dakota has)

Tennessee – by Address

Texas – by Address

Utah– Lookup by Address or Zip; PDF by locality (old)

Vermont – by Address

Virginia – State Rate – 4% + All Local Rates 1%= Total Rate 5% ; Information only.  View Locality names on ST-8 form here.

Washington – Address, Map or Latitude/Longitude available.

Wisconsin(New)by Zip+4 and date of sale    Old:  Sales Tax Rate Chart

Wyoming– PDF by Locality